Airport supply service Bartosch




For Aircraft up to 54.432 kg



Maximum Capacity: 120,000 lbs/54,432 kg Aircraft Gross Weight
Shipping Weight: 9,000 lbs/4,082 kg, Including Battery and Charger
*         GE EV200LX SCR Electronic Speed Control
*       11” DC Drive Motor
*         Automotive Differential, 3.73 Ratio
*         Key Lock Switch
*         Hour Meter
*         Electronic Battery Monitor, Motive Battery
*         Dual Forward and Aft Headlights
*         Six Flashing Amber Running Lights
*         Amber Strobe Light with Shield
*         Cradle Illumination Light
*         72 VDC, 550 Amp Hour, Industrial Motive Batteries
*         72 VDC, 100 Amp Hour, 240/480 VAC, 60 Hz, 1-Phase, Fully Automatic Charger
*         Electric /Hydraulic, Dual Cylinder, Universal Nose Gear Cradle with Front Gate
*         Extended Aluminum Rear Gate
*         Operator Seat with High Backrest
*         Passenger Seat with High Backrest
*         Foot Applied Dual Hydraulic Wheel Disc Brakes
*         Hydraulic Parking Brake, Hand Push/Pull Applied
*         Pneumatic Traction Drive Tires with Siping (623x10x12 18-Ply)
*         Semi-Pneumatic Traction Steer Tires (18x7x8)
*         Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Winch with Nylon Belt Including Automatic Cut-off
*         DBL 1”x 29”/2”x 29” Nylon Strut Straps with Protective Sleeve
*         Electric/Hydraulic Power Steering
*         Tilt Steering Column
*         Rear Steering Suspension
*         Lear/Citation/Beechjet Hold Down Bracket
*         Chine Protectors
*         Side Mount Accessory Holders with Covers
*         High Gloss Enamel Red Paint
*         Rear Tow Lug
*         Parts/Service/Operation Manual with Exploded View
*         One Year Gold Seal Warranty
Steel and Fuel Surcharge
Battery Surcharge
Separate 12/24/28 VDC GPU, Built-in, Including: 250 Amp Hr, 1175 CCA Batteries;
           28 VDC, 40 Amp Hr, 110 VAC, 60 Hz, 1-Phase, Fully Automatic Charger; Electronic
           Battery Monitor; 15’ Extension Cord with (3) Aircraft Connectors (adds 350 lbs/159 kg
           to weight)
Single Point Central Watering System for Motive Batteries
50 Hz or 3-Phase Motive Charger (replaces Standard Charger)
50 Hz GPU Charger (replaces Standard Charger)
Brake Light Kit, Single Helm
Brake Light Kit, Dual Helm
Turn Signal Kit, Single Helm
Turn Signal Kit, Dual Helm
Back-up Alarm, Single Helm
Back-up Alarm, Dual Helm
Limited Slip Differential (replaces Standard Differential)
CL300 Overlay Plate
Citation X/Sovereign Hold Down Adapter
Dash 8 Adapter
Large/Small ircraft Recognition System
Falcon 50/900/2000 Interface Tool
Falcon 7X Adapter
Lear 40/45 Yoke Adapter
Sabreliner Adapter
Pintle Towing Hook Adapter for Cradle
Pintle Towing Hook Adapter Mounted on Rear of Tug
Long Reach Aluminum Universal Adapter (fits Dauphin/S76B/Tail Dragger)
15” Highlift Aluminum Adapter with Cylinder Uplocks (reduces capacity - consult factory)
Poly-Foam Filled Drive Tires
Drive Wheel Tire Chains
"Linex" Textured Protective Paint Coating
Custom Paint - Solid Color
Dual Facing Operator’s Helm
Cradle Camera with Color Monitor
Operator’s Cab with Heater, Defroster, and Windshield Wipers
Export Shoring without crate

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