Airport supply service Bartosch



For Aircraft up to 27.216 kg


Maximum Capacity: 60,000 lbs/27,216 kg Aircraft Gross Weight
Shipping Weight: 3,880 lbs/1,760 kg, Including Battery and Charger
*         GE EV-100LXT SCR Electronic Speed Control with Reverse Direction Braking
*         9” DC Drive Motor
*         Automotive Differential, 3.73 Ratio
*         Key Lock Switch
*         Hour Meter
*         Electronic Battery Monitor, Motive Battery
*         Dual Forward and Aft Headlights
*         Seven Flashing Amber Running Lights
*         48 VDC, (8 x 6v) 350 Amp Hour, 800 Cold Crank Motive/GPU Battery, Including
        12/24/28 Volt GPU Capability
*         15’ Extension Cord with (3) Aircraft Connectors
*         48 VDC, 50 Amp Hour, 220 VAC, 60 Hz, 1-Phase, Fully Automatic Charger
*         Electric /Hydraulic, Dual Cylinder, Universal Nose Gear Cradle with Front & Rear Gates
*         Extended Aluminum Rear Gate
*         Dual Passenger Operator’s Platform with Side Restraints
*         Foot Applied Dual Hydraulic Wheel Disc Brakes
*         Foot Applied "Deadman" Mech/Hyd Parking Brake
*         Dual Pneumatic Traction Drive Tires (5.00x8 10-Ply)
*         Dual Pneumatic Highway Steer Tires (5.00x8 10-Ply)
*         Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Winch with Nylon Belt Including Automatic Cut-off
*         DBL 1”x 29”/2”x 29” Nylon Strut Strap with Protective Sleeve
*         Lear/Citation/Beechjet Hold Down Bracket
*         Chine Protectors
*         Aircraft Strut Hold Back Bar with Automatic Winch Cut-off
*         Wheel Faring Tire Guide
*         Four-Step Extension Ladder
*         Side Mount Accessory Holders
*         High Gloss Enamel Red Paint
*         Parts/Service/Operation Manual with Exploded View
*    One Year Gold Seal Warranty
Steel and Fuel Surcharge
Battery Surcharge
12/24/28 VDC, 1175 CCA GPU/250 Amp Hr (replaces Standard Battery)
Separate 12/24/28 VDC GPU, Built-in, Including: 250 Amp Hr, 1175 CCA Batteries;
         28 VDC, 40 Amp Hr, 110 VAC, 60 Hz, 1-Phase, Fully Automatic Charger, Electronic
         Battery Monitor (adds 350 lbs/159 kg to weight)
230v/50 Hz GPU Charger (replaces Standard Charger)
230v/50 Hz Motive Charger (replaces Standard Charger)
Limited Slip Differential (replaces Standard Differential)
Citation X /Sovereign Hold Down Adapter
Dash 8 Adapter
Falcon 50/900/2000 Interface Tool
Falcon 7X Adapter
Lear 40/45 Yoke Adapter
Sabreliner Adapter
Pintle Towing Hook Adapter for Cradle
Pintle Towing Hook Adapter Mounted on Rear of Tug
Long Reach Aluminum Universal Adapter (fits Dauphin/S76B/Tail Dragger)
Poly-Foam Filled Tires
Drive Wheel Tire Chains
Suspended Steer Axle
"Linex" Textured Protective Paint Coating
Custom Paint
Export Crate
Export Shoring without Crate


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