Let LEKTRO help you find the right aircraft tug for your needs.

Regardless of the type or weight class of your aircraft, with the nosewheel cradled at the front of the tug, LEKTRO eliminates all but one pivot point. This reduces turn limit damage, virtually eliminates jackknifing and gives the LEKTRO its renowned maneuverability. Greater control, greater confidence, greater profits. In many cases, the length of a LEKTRO aircraft pushback tractor is less than the length of a towbar alone. This gives operators greater control in confined areas and allows for tighter hangar stacking capabilities, easily maximizing your hangar's capacity and increasing your return on investment. The LEKTRO towbarless aircraft towing vehicle can also be used to raise the nose of a plane, dropping the tail of the aircraft and moving it into a hangar that would otherwise be too small.

Versatility on wheels
Known as the Swiss Army knife of the flightline, the LEKTRO is one versatile aircraft tug. With a built-in ground power unit (GPU), your LEKTRO can start everything from single engine trainers to turbine-powered aircraft. It is perfect for intermittent and light duty electrical backup. Ask our sales force about options for step ladders, our handy cargo deck for tools, storage space for supplies or luggage.

The all-weather tug
Without a carburetor and ignition system, the LEKTRO starts up easily in coldweather. Its limited slip differential, traction tires and chains give it excellent handling under a variety of winter ramp conditions. With the cradle safely holding the plane's front wheel, slippage in snow or on ice is eliminated. You can witness our LEKTROs on the service line in severe winter climates, such as you will find at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois or JFK in New York.

Built to last
Made with all-steel construction and the highest quality components available, each LEKTRO is as much state-of-the-art as it is work of art. We are constantly researching ways to improve our LEKTROs. We have our own certification equipment to continually increase our LEKTRO performance and modify our product to better serve industry needs.

LEKTRO towing capacity ranges from single engine trainers to Boeing 737 (180,000 lbs.) The next model currently in design will be capable of handling up to 250,000 lbs.

There are nearly 3,000 LEKTROs in operation, working in almost every industrialized country in the world. And, at LEKTRO, we maintain customer records and parts information on every LEKTRO ever sold.

 No more "towbar graveyard"
LEKTRO has eliminated the inefficient towbar and replaced it with a universal soft-capture cradle that quickly and easily adapts to nearly every airplane on the market. Your LEKTRO nosewheel lifting aircraft transporter gently handles all types of aircraft, including dual nose wheel planes, aircraft with wheel fairings and front nose scissors, as well as unusual aircraft, for which no towbars are available. Once you have worked with LEKTRO aircraft tugs, we think you'll agree that conventional tugs with towbars are difficult to maintain, cause unnecessary wear on expensive aircraft and waste valuable time and resources with their limited maneuverability and complicated hookup procedure.

Your LEKTRO works less to do more
It takes little effort to work a towbarless tug - it's a one person job! And, hookup procedure is reduced while minimizing the risk of personal injury and cutting the time to get your aircraft where you want it. The LEKTRO Tug actually utilizes the weight of the aircraft to increase traction, allowing for safe towing and braking. The result is a better distribution of weight and less rolling resistance, requiring less effort to move the plane. Designed to accelerate smoothly, the LEKTRO aircraft towing vehicle eliminates the jarring effects and excessive shear loading damage common to conventional tugs. Not only that, but our LEKTROs are so easy to operate, you will find your time training new personnel minimized.

Your LEKTRO won’t contribute to the growing airport "smog" problem
LEKTRO aircraft positioning vehicles utilize a powerful electric motor that's way ahead of its time. One overnight charge is sufficient to power the tug through two very busy shifts. Over the years, increasing Federal pressure to improve airport air quality has motivated airlines to look for alternatives to polluting ground vehicles, Zero emissions vehicles, like clean-operating LEKTROs, are the perfect solution. Not only that, electric motors have a quieter operation, allowing for better communication between the tug operator and pilot or maintenance and ramp personnel.

Less maintenance means more savings
With LEKTRO, just charge the batteries and add water when needed. There’s no oil to change, no tune-ups and very few moving parts to replace. That adds up to big savings on maintenance costs. In fact, a two-year scientific evaluation by the Canadian Forces revealed that LEKTROs have "60 to 70 percent lower maintenance and energy costs over a diesel/gas aircraft tug fleet…a significantly lower cost of ownership."

The World’s Most Versatile Towbarless Tug can be made even more effective for YOU!

You may select from added components or features to enhance operation or protect operators in extreme weather conditions. LEKTRO vehicles can come equipped with ladders for ease of high-reach access, baggage racks, operator compartments and more. Ask our sales force about how to make your LEKTRO work hardest for you.

Share LEKTRO's colors or show your own!
While LEKTRO is pleased with the durability and hardiness of Their standard LEKTRO red, they recognize that their customers have pride in their own corporate or military branch colors. Large enough to accommodate semitruck vehicles, LEKTRO's state-of-the-art paint booths can accommodate any customer's custom paint requirements for ground support equipment.


Safety is always first

Safety considerations abound in the LEKTROs. In the case of hydraulic system failure, the cradle can be lowered with no power or hydraulic pressure, AND the brake can be released. In the case of electric system failure, all systems are fused and you carry spare fuses on board. Your LEKTRO is triple redundant to avoid brake failure. Pinched fingers, failed shear pins, and jackknifing are just some of the problems encountered when using out-dated towbar tugs -- You won’t have these worries with your LEKTRO. With the universal cradle, you will find a reduced need for manpower, an increased hangar capacity and a decrease in the potential for aircraft damage...what more can you ask of a ground support vehicle?



Fronius supplies a complete range of primary switched mode battery chargers, specially designed for vehicle starter batteries and traction batteries. The Acctiva range consists of starter batteries, while the Selectiva range is for traction batteries. The Acctiva product range consists of professional chargers for use in workshops with cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and emergency vehicles. The Selectiva product range includes solutions for ground conveyors, working and lifting platforms and electric vehicles.

For 60 years, Fronius has been carrying out research and development of battery chargers, a quarter of a century of this, with the revolutionary Active Inverter technology. Even more: In this field we regularly introduce new ideas and bring revolutionary innovations onto the market. Our long years of experience guarantee maximum reliability in heavy-duty industrial use. From professionals for professionals.

But no wonder: When it comes to innovations, we do not make compromises. All our developments are made directly within our company. Of course, we always remain in close contact with universities, research institutes, and battery manufacturers. But here too it is also true that only those who are committed to accepting new ways of thinking can start revolutions. In a positive way. For high tech competence in all sectors.



Aerosweep's FOD*BOSS is widely acclaimed as the ultimate foreign object debris (FOD) sweeper. Airports, airlines and military bases now recognize that the FOD*BOSS is more than capable of handling their airfield sweeping program. It has a top speed of 40km/h (25mph), a sweep width of 8ft to 24ft, and a collection rate that must be seen to be believed.

The FOD*BOSS sweeper has become the most reliable and cost effective FOD removal tool in the aviation industry. At any time of day or night, in wet or dry conditions, the FOD*BOSS is fast becoming the primary sweeping device for all aviation applications across the globe.

Versatile FOD sweeper
Whether you run a routine daily, weekly, or monthly FOD sweep or require a reliable FOD sweeper at a moment’s notice, the FOD*BOSS is up to the challenge. Capable of being operated by any member of the team behind any vehicle with a tow point using a complete range of tow adaptors, the FOD*BOSS is the most versatile sweeper available.

Battery or electric-powered FOD sweeper
The FOD*BOSS’ green credentials cannot be disputed. Its non-mechanical operation and ability to be towed by either battery or electric-powered vehicles means it is one of a kind in the airfield sweeping industry.

Any small vehicle such as a golf cart or electric buggy can operate a single (8ft), duplex system (16ft), or triplex configuration (22ft) at speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph).

FOD removal for aircraft engines and movement areas
FedEx, Delta and United Airlines are amongst some of the world's largest carriers who have all integrated the FOD*BOSS into their FOD programs with outstanding results.

The cost of damage to aircraft engines is significant enough, but add to that the damage caused by FOD to aircraft tires, as well as the cost of downtime caused when aircraft are out of commission, and it's little wonder major airlines are now placing such high importance on the quick and efficient removal of FOD from aircraft movement areas.

Protecting military aircraft from FOD
Repair or replacement of military aircraft components damaged by even a single FOD strike can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Military bases worldwide have therefore been operating the FOD*BOSS sweeper for over a decade.

What started out in Australia under the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has now spread across the globe to help protect the most valuable and high-tech aircraft from damaging and dangerous FOD-related incidents. F22 Raptors, RAF Tornados, F14s and many more vulnerable fighter jets are highly susceptible to FOD damage.

Testimonials about the FOD*BOSS
August 2008, US Military VAW-121 AMO: "I used the FOD*BOSS when I was in the F-14 community and it saved millions of dollars in FODed engines. Once we received the FOD*BOSS, we did not have another FODed engine until we went to the ship."

September 2006, senior manager for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, LMM International Airport: "Thus far we have been extremely pleased with the results we have had with the FOD*BOSS.  We use it twice daily and are continually amazed at the amount of FOD we trap in the unit. The employees actually look forward to doing the sweeping."




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